About Us

Uplift Cranes is proud to be a family owned company. With over 50 years’ combined industry experience, the Uplift team possesses insights and expertise that can’t be matched with over 20 years in the industry.

Uplift Cranes is committed to provide an effective and efficient Tower crane & mobile crane hire service to its customers.

To ensure its professionalism we constantly pursued throughout the Uplift Cranes operations, we have adopted the following strategies:

To use a modern and computerised fleet of Tower cranes & Mobile cranes this provides greater efficiencies and reduces the probability of human error.

Experienced and professional, Uplift Cranes provides engineers, project managers and construction companies with cranes, personnel and rigging services that are tailored to the requirements of the project.

Luffing Tower Cranes Hammer Head Tower Cranes


Installation of the Tower cranes, its simple erection principle, electrification and rapid connection make it a safe assembly process. The simplified assembly phases carried out by our experienced and professional team on the ground makes the erection of any tower crane a quick and safe process.

Ensure that each site is inspected by an experienced crane manager or supervisor so that the most appropriate crane is used for the job thus avoiding unnecessary delays.

Ensure that operators and dog-persons are properly trained and have Work-cover tickets/permits appropriate to the task they perform.

Have an administration staff readily available to respond to customers’ needs.

Maintain and keep up to date with occupational health and safety standards and ensure that appropriate policies are set in place.

Avoid industrial disputes through an honest and fair enterprise bargaining process (EBA). Uplift Cranes Pty Ltd tower crane fleet composes of the following capabilities; Hammer head cranes and luffing cranes with capabilities of having 8 tonne to 24 tonne winches.

Uplift cranes can also integrate external climbing frames and lift shaft climbing frames to suit construction site requirements

Uplift Cranes has been involved in many major projects for:

Karimbla Construction (Meriton) Qld & NSW
Stevens Construction
Lend Lease
Thiess John Holland - NWRL
Westfield Design & Construction - Bondi Junction
Westfield Design & Construction - Parramatta
Westfield Design & Construction - City Redevelopment
John Holland - Lane Cove Tunnel Project
Laing O’Rourke – Sydney Port Botany Terminal
Westfield Design & Construction – Epping
Westfield Design & Construction – Hurstville

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